Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally, stable internet!

I cannot stress enough just how much I was missing real internet. While useful, tethering only goes so far -- the speeds were only 1-2mbit and Verizon's "unlimited" data package is really only like 5gb. Can't really do any torrenting/streaming video (atdhe is a godsend) on it...

But yay, back to Comcast's shittiness. I sure do love living in a tiny college town whose only options are Comcast and (very terrible) AT&T dsl!


  1. I feel yer pain bro, for a while I had to use my iPhone tethered my laptop. Meow I'm stuck with this shitty college internet.

  2. Damn, well at least you have internet now.

  3. i don't think i can live a day without internet!

  4. My Internet used to only work in a small section of my house, which makes having a laptop pointless....
    And you should see how much I lagged on PS3,
    All better now though :)
    Cool blog bro

  5. those ones really suck don't they