Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obligatory post about Digg

I had been a member of Digg for over 4 years, I think. Over that time, I saw some pretty good evolutions in the way the site was designed and ran. Version 3, the one that was just given the boot, was deemed more or less perfect by anyone and everyone you would have asked.

But! We all know where this story is going. Version 4 was rolled out, and to keep my opinion of it as short and as clean as possible, I'll just say that it was terrible. Glitches everywhere, core features taken out, and the front page of news was a glorified RSS feed. Stories on the front page didn't even get there by way of being dugg, it seemed like they got there because they paid their way there. The best part is how, seemingly, the entire Digg user base hated the new design. Floods of discontent in the comments pages as far as the eye could see.

Cue Reddit, who pretty much saw this coming from a mile away. Not only did they welcome us Digg refugees with open arms, they kindly showed us the fabled Redditquette and how to stylize the page (which seems like a majority of people there do). Shortly afterwards, a collaboration by the Digg and Reddit users saw the front page (and most of the upcoming news) being nothing but links to Reddit stories. Oh internet revolts, you are so amusing...

Seems like the backlash is working, as a tweet from Kevin Rose himself tells that features from Version 3 are coming back. Let's hope that it's not too late for Rose to save Digg...

(spoilers: it is)


  1. Son, I am NOT disappoint! Checking in to show some love ;)

  2. Sounds good!

  3. Oh wow, I was wondering why Cracked didn't have the little "Digg'd" counter on the side anymore.

    The more you know.