Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh man

So the people I live with actually believe that keeping the doors and windows open all day makes the house cooler than leaving them closed and running the air conditioning. Now, having our house be 80-90 degrees isn't what I'm complaining about, it's the plethora of flies that enjoy buzzing around our place.

I, like many people, enjoy wasting time on the internet in my room with a cool drink. Thing is, even with my door closed 95% of the day, flies still seem to get in here. Don't ask how, really. To combat this, I've gotten increasingly good at taking my pillow and smacking them outta the air, into the walls or the ground. The ones that don't immediately die from the blunt force of the impact are then picked up/squished with a couple tissues and thrown away.

I'm like a sniper. I wait for my moment and strike. Now if only snipers in real life used pillows too...

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